Go Into All The World

Mark 16:15 says – Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.


You Know Your Future

Does knowing your future change how you live today?


Grace Extenders

I was driving yesterday and made a left hand turn from a one-way street onto a two way street. The error I made was to slip into “international driving mode” and made a tight left which positioned me for driving in the wrong direction straight into



Last week my dear friend Patty ran (and completed) the Boston Marathon, arguably the most famous of all marathons. We are all so proud of her! Just to be eligible for entry, a person must be an elite runner having qualified in previously recognized races.  She had to run hundreds of miles to train. She had to endure countless


“Come And See”

Do you go to a church that loves God passionately?

Do they make much of Jesus?

Is the encouraging, strengthening, and comforting presence of the Holy Spirit clearly welcomed?

Do they honor and faithfully teach the eternal truths of God’s Word – The Bible?

Are most of the people kind, welcoming, and genuine?

Well, here’s a question for you:


Billy Graham’s Legacy

I was 13 when I first saw Billy Graham in person at a capacity filled stadium in Toronto, Canada. I was impressed at the size of the audience because I had never seen so many people in one place before. I was mesmerized by his message of hope in Jesus. But I was absolutely astounded when


Jesus Is Always About People

Ouch . . .”      I was caught by the Lord with an “I don’t want people getting in my way” attitude.       Again . . . “Ouch . . . “

Hey Everyone,

Many of you know that I enjoy photography. I had the opportunity to take some pictures at a beautiful location in Peggy’s Cove, near Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada last summer . . . you know the “Anne of Green Gables” area.


So Grateful For A Second Chance

Dear Friends and Family,

I had a huge event in my life take place this past week. I had the humbling privilege of conducting my mom’s memorial service.


“Nothing ever goes right for me.”

How come I always get the better end of the deal?

How come everything always goes right for me?

How come I have the best wife in the world, the best kids and grandkids, and the best church to be a part of?

How come no matter what I do, I always seem to be the one who gets blessed?

Yeah . . . right” . . . you might be thinking . . .
“That’s certainly not me you’re talking about because nothing ever goes right for me . . .”


Where is God in the terrible tragedy in Houston? by Rick Stedman

Where is God in the terrible tragedy in Houston?
By Rick Stedman
Founding Pastor of Adventure Christian Church, Roseville CA
August 31, 2017