Math Test: Careful – this might surprise you …

Math Test

Where is the condition of your spiritual life today?  Careful – this might surprise you . . .


  • First, I begin with my age at conversion, then I:


Standing Strong – Don’t Back Down

Hey Westside!

Throughout the Bible we are instructed to “advance, go, move forward, look forward, or increase.” BUT . . . there are a few instances where we are instructed to STAND:

Like when we are in battle as in Ephesians 6. Or, when we have no where to go like the time when Israel was trapped between the Red Sea and the armies of Egypt. I believe that we are to STAND against the enemy. People of God: STAND and see the salvation of the Lord!


I Have Two Fathers

I have two fathers and I’m thankful for both of them.


I didn’t know my natural father when I was a kid – he struggled with things I will never understand.  His name was Hank.  


I was five years old when my mother died and I lived with several families over the next few years. 


Hate Being Tricked?

Does it annoy you when someone tricks you into a commitment?  How about being invited to dinner only to find out they wanted to sell you something?  It certainly bothers me and I’m sure it does you too.  Now, to be fair, most people don’t annoy you on purpose – they’re probably just excited about something or another.  I just wish that folks would be more upfront about it. 


8 Ways To Help You Keep On Counting For God

Most people I know want to count for something.  They want their life to matter.  Don’t you?  The sad thing is that many folks don’t make a difference in the world around them because they don’t think they matter.  They don’t believe that anything they could ever do would make a difference to anyone or anything. 


Cleaning My Garage Uncovers Hidden Treasure

Teri is out of town so I took the opportunity to clean out some junk from the garage and give it a thorough straightening up . . . spiders – yuck!  


I found some great (and not so great) stuff:


I Don’t Wanna Be A Goat – Nope!

It’s amazing to me when my schedule gets full of – well, life.  I’m just plain busy – got stuff to do, people to see, and places to go.  “Lord, I sure hope you can keep up with me here!” I sometimes find myself thinking.  

The Children of Israel must have been the same way.  Because God had to teach them to wait.  Wait until He said it was time to move.  He wanted His people to follow His leading.


The Greatest Love Story Ever Told!

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.


Genesis 1:3-4
Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light . . . and God saw that the light was good.


Should I Raise My Hands in Worship?

Dear Westside Family & Friends
Teri and I are away celebrating our 40th anniversary and I came across this excellent blog on worship.  God bless you guys – we love you!
Steve 🙂

Should I Raise My Hands in Worship?


You CAN Handle The Truth

Jesus trusted us.  He knew what we were capable of and He knew how much we could handle.  Then, He did something that none of us could have imagined.  Jesus gave us the biggest  . . . responsibility in all of history.