Shake That Salt
Sharing Your Faith Naturally
Become excited and encouraged to show and tell about your faith in everyday life and conversations!

This practical course helps ordinary Christians learn to confidently and compellingly talk about God with people they know, work with or meet each day.

The class focuses on relational evangelism with simple but effective methods for sharing the Gospel in normal conversation or encounters that God sets up in everyday life.

Join us for a fun, non-intimidating class using videos, book resources and friendly discussions to help you tell the story of what God has done for you and that your friends and family want and need to hear.

We will be using EMPOWERED, a video series hosted by Rebecca Manley Pippert, author of the classic book Out of the Salt Shaker (and Into the world) that has helped tens of thousands of Christians around the world to talk about their faith.
Come explore the adventure of “…being ready to give a reason for the hope that is within you” to friends and people you meet.
This class is hosted by Warren and Martha Dayton
It will be held on our Placerville campus
Tuesday nights from 6:30pm – 8:00pm
March 19th through April 30th